Premonstratensian Canons of Wilten

Wilten Abbey Museum

Innsbruck, Tyrol

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Certificate of incorporation Innsbruck

Wilten handle goblet

Dragon tongue


In the museum and the Transfiguration Room of the Wilten Monastery, there are not only wonderful frescos, but also the Wilten handle goblet in addition to extraordinary exhibits

On historical tracks

Be it the dragon’s tongue shrouded in history, the Wilten handle goblet or the founding document of the city of Innsbruck – historical paths can be explored wonderfully in the Transfiguration Room of the Wilten Monastery.

Wilten Abbey

Wilten Abbey is a Premonstratensian monastery founded in 1138 by Bishop Reginbert von Brixen in Wilten, a district of Innsbruck at the foot of the Bergisel, the capital of the Austrian state of Tyrol.

Premonstratensian Canons of Wilten