The renaissance jewel in Tyrol

Tratzberg Castle

near Innnsbruck

Full Experience


Discover Tratzberg Castle with all your senses. Stroll through the walls steeped in history, admire the original furniture as witnesses of the time, and travel virtually through the fabulous history of Tratzberg’s origins. In excellent 360° and/or 3D quality, it’s now possible to walk to explore this historic jewel in its uniqueness.

The history of Tratzberg Castle

Tratzberg Castle was first mentioned in the 13th century and served as a fortress to defend the border against Bavaria.Back then, Emperor Maximilian used Tratzberg as a hunting lodge, but the original fortified castle was completely destroyed in a fire in 1492.

Experience history

Emperor Maximilian did not rebuild Tratzberg, but exchanged the ruins for a castle owned by the wealthy silver mine owner Tänzl. In 1500 they built the first late Gothic part of today’s Tratzberg Castle in an unusually splendid, lavish manner and had it furnished with extraordinarily artful marble, wood. and iron work.

An unforgettable visit to Tyrol

Tratzberg Castle, near Innsbruck in Tyrol, is the renaissance jewel among Austria’s castles and palaces.Experience history up close and in 3D, walk in the footsteps of the emperor, and look at the unique original furnishings.

Experience Tratzberg Castle interactively.

Tratzberg Castle represents the epitome of a Tyrolean castle from the 16th century and thus represents one of the most important art and cultural monuments in the state of Tyrol.

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