Private rooms of the emperor

Tratzberg Castle – Maximilian Rooms

near Innsbruck

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Hunting lodge

Emperor Maximilian I

Fortified castle


Emperor Maximilian once used Tratzberg as a hunting lodge. In this virtual tour, you can explore the historic private rooms in which the emperor stayed at Tratzberg Castle.

About the history

Tratzberg Castle was first mentioned in the 13th century and served as a fortress to defend the border against Bavaria.Back then, Emperor Maximilian used Tratzberg as a hunting lodge. The private apartments of Emperor Maximilian I, which were specially furnished for him by the Tänzl brothers, consisted, as was customary at the time, of a receiving room and a bedchamber.

Follow the emperor’s steps

In the emperor's receiving room, you can still view the original chalk decorations on the wooden wall paneling, which among other things reflect his favorite saying: “I am alive and don't know how long.I'm dying and I don't know when. I'm traveling and don't know where. It's amazing that I'm so happy. " Go on a virtual tour of discovery with the current owner, Count Ulrich Goëss-Enzenberg himself.