Historical film set

Tratzberg castle – Builder spaces

near Innsbruck

Full Experience

Simon Tänzl

Veit-Jakob Tänzl



Follow in the footsteps of the Tänzl family with the lord of the castle, Count Ulrich Goess-Enzenberg. Experience a virtual tour through the unique Tänzl rooms of this Renaissance castle.


In the winter of 1490-91, the castle was completely destroyed by fire. Maximilian I handed the ruins over to the wealthy Tänzl family from Schwaz, who had the east, south and part of the west wing rebuilt in the late Gothic style. The Tänzl coat of arms, which bears the year 1500, but actually dates from 1502, the year in which Maximilian raised the family to the nobility, is still emblazoned above the entrance to the large stair tower in the southeast corner of the courtyard.

Private tour

The owner of Tratzberg Castle, Count Ulrich Goess-Enzenberg, will personally guide you through the Tänzl rooms of Tratzberg Castle.