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The Benedictine community at Admont Abbey has, over the whole of the more than 900 years of its existence, always had a major interest in the art and culture of its period and has been involved in sponsoring these within its capabilities.

Admont Abbey is now inhabited by present-day monks and provides employment for present-day people. Many are involved in the maintenance of the heritage and historical legacy of the Abbey (restoration work and conservation of the various materials, such as paintings, the Abbey structure and its library) in order to safeguard these for future generations. And they are also systemically continuing in the tradition of the Abbey by addressing the work of creative individuals of our time. It is by means of this approach that today the old is being protected and new things for the future are being created at a location with a long history. Tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand at Admont. Diversity is our daily experience and objective here!

Thanks to on-going acquirements, permanent loans and donations, the collection is always in an exciting process of dynamic evolution. In addition to works by established artists who have made a name for themselves not only in Austria but also internationally, Admont also purchases works by young and less-well known artists whose creativity is apparent. Whenever possible, Admont Abbey endeavours to help young and as yet not established artists to find their potential.

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