Admont Abbey

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The world's largest monastery library

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The Admont Abbey Library is one of the great works of art of the late Baroque. Different genres of art (architecture, frescoes, sculptures, manuscripts, and printed works) are merged into a single Gesamtkunstwerk. It represents a store of knowledge that extends over centuries. In excellent 360° and/or 3D quality, it’s now possible to walk through the library, enter secret passages, access audio and video guides, and even leaf through the books…

Move around freely in the library

The huge room, divided into three parts, is the largest monastic library room in the world. The tour offers an unlimited 360°/3D version of the library for free exploration.

Discover secret passages

Also enter our secret passages on your tour of the library. These are well hidden and unfortunately cannot be entered by visitors when actually on site. For the first time, however, these are now open to you in our digital tour.

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