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Kornberg Castle

first mentioned in a document in 1284

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The exhibition centre in the Styrian thermal and volcanic region on the Castle Road

From the History

Kornberg Castle was first mentioned in a document in 1284. Kornberg Castle was given its present appearance by the Barons of Stadl in the 16th century and 17th century. Kornberg Castle has been owned by the Bardeau family since 1871.

Experience Kornberg Castle virtually

Go on a virtual journey into the past. Explore the entire Kornberg Castle, from the representative rooms to the private rooms. An exclusive view into the castle, decorated with stories of the family result in a digital castle tour of a very personal kind.

The Bardeau family

The family roots of the Bardeaus can be found in France. Via Italy they finally went to Austria. The castle is run in the fourth generation by Consul Mag. Andreas Bardeau. The oldest view of the castle shows the building in 1681. The irregular hexagon as a ground plan is particularly characteristic.