Historical experiences

Hochosterwitz Castle

in one of the most beautiful valleys in Carinthia

Full Experience

14 gates

124 meters to the castle

Khevenhüller Honor Guard


The first mention of this impressive fortress was in a document written in 860 CE. The complex has an impressive 14 gates, while a hiking trail leads visitors 150 meters up a cliff. Embark on a virtual hike through the many stages of history on display at Hochosterwitz Castle.

About the history

Hochosterwitz Castle has been owned by the Khevenhüller family for 470 years. In 1541, it was first transferred to Governor Christoph Khevenhüller by the Emperor as a feudal right. It later came under the full ownership of Governor Baron Georg Khevenhüller in 1561, who expanded it to its present state from 1570 to 1586 before dying in 1587. In his will, which you can see carved in stone at the castle, he states that he built the castle for the benefit and protection of the people.

Khevenhüller Honor Guard

Initially mercenaries, then guards, today they are former soldiers not unlike the Swiss Guard which protect the Vatican. Together with their predecessors in the 16th century, they still share the firm conviction that the princes and their successors deserve their protection.

Experience history virtually

From the armory to the weapons collection to the interesting collection of pictures from the Renaissance period, all of this testifies to the history of this unique castle fortress. Go on a virtual tour and discover beautiful robes, historical weapons, and crafts from the past. The majestic Hochosterwitz Castle invites you to discover its diverse treasures.